Things have certainly changed since the days when you could leave your farm unlocked and unprotected while you were away. 

Monitoring your agriculture business is a smart way to minimize loss and maximize profits. Installing farm security cameras helps you keep an eye on what’s going on when you can’t be there. For instance, you can keep up on the paddock condition and check in on water sources, farm workers and animals.

Here are the key features of what The Farm Guard surveillance kits are providing.

The Farm Guard = Safety

Surveillance cameras are a great tool for increasing safety. Consider monitoring fuels tanks, heavy machinery and other dangerous or sensitive equipment. Just like in homes, farm surveillance can deter thieves and trespassers. An additional benefit is having video footage to submit to police or your insurance company in the case of a natural disaster, employee accident or other incident. In some cases, your insurance premiums will be reduced by having surveillance. Ask your insurance agent today.

Thieves seem to look for small quick turnover items such as air compressors, generators, or welding equipment, all of which can be sold quickly. With the high price of scrap metal and copper, a farmer’s shop is highly vulnerable to theft. Such things as fencing wire, electrical wire, tools, and four-wheelers are also a prime target, even in broad daylight. Don’t forget, your diesel fuel tanks are also vulnerable!

The Farm Guard = More Money, Less Problems

One of the biggest gains from installing a livestock camera was the financial benefits resulting from reduced animal mortality.  Most of the farmers felt they had been able to intervene in the calving or lambing process, saving animals.  In many cases the value of the animals saved more than made up for the cost of installation.

The Farm Guard = Less Work

Reducing the amount of labor required to keep a check on the animals, means that other jobs can be carried out with minimal disruption. The ability to check the animals from a phone without having to stop doing the task at hand means you only have to go to the animals when really required.  Many farmers often told us they could watch a whole calving – see that the calf had been born, that the bag was away from its face, and that the calf went on to have its first suck – without even having to stop what they were doing. Remember, time is money.

The Farm Guard = Less interference

Many were convinced that before the camera was installed their presence in the shed would put the animals off getting on with their delivery.  This could often mean hours of hanging around on a dark and miserable night. With the cameras in place, the hanging around could happen in the comfort of their own home, with less disturbance to the animal’s routine.

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